A Festive New Year's Escape in Turkey

In preparing to welcome a new year and bidding goodbye to another, the festive season draws closer, and turkey becomes a magical winter escape for the adventure seekers. From the beautiful peaks of Uludağ to busy streets of Istanbul where traditionally you can expect a brightly colored fireworks display, there’s lots of things to do for everyone at New Year in Turkey.


12/10/20232 min read

Uludağ: A Winter Paradise Awaits

Surrounded by the dramatic Taurus mountains, Uludag–“the mountain of gods” in Turkish–is the paradigm winter wonderland. Situated here are a number of well cut ski trails with gentler ones for beginner skiers and challenging trails for experts on both skiing and snowboarding. The breathtaking views of the neighboring valleys and forest that dance with the falling snowflake would keep your hearts beating.

Snow covered uludag ski resort, turkey.

Besides the slopes, the winter activities in Uludag include snowshoeing across the virgin snow covered forests, sledding down the steep hills, and enjoying the breathtaking views of mountain lakes. The resort towns become busy centers of evenings parties with cosy pubbs, lively bars and classic Turkish cooking.

Istanbul: A City Burning with New Year’s magic.

On the other hand, Uludag gives serene vacation retreat during winter season while Istanbul as the magnificent Turkish city is alive with New Year’s eve power. At the midnight the town lights up with the gorgeous show of lighted airplanes over the Golden Horn and into the Bosporus Straight, across the Bosporus bridge. Loud traditional Turkish music dominates every street, while people are dancing and celebrating in public places.

Celebrating new year at istanbul.

Its charm extends well beyond the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Istanbul. Take a walk through the maze-like streets in the Sultanahmet district which is filled with stories of the glorious days of the Ottomans that took place when it was called the Sultanate. Move about Grand Bazaar which is full with hustling shopping malls and brilliantly coloured things; it contains all kinds of arts and crafts. Experience the taste and flavours of real Turkish cuisines while sampling the delicious meze sets of Istanbul or juicy kebbabs.

Cappadocia: A Fairy Tale Landscape

In the heart of Turkey is the bizarre rock structures that created these chimney like rocks among other stunning sceneries. During the winter snow of the plateau, the fairy chimneys transforms into the atmosphere which forms a real charm.

Go for a hot air balloon excursion on the shaded topography so as to observe fantastic rock structures. Walk through the subterranean cities of Cappadocia which were sculpted out of soft volcanic stone hundreds of years back. Contemplate the way of life lived by those previous inhabitants residing in those underground shelters.

Pamukkale: A Frozen Waterfall of Travertine Terraces

Do not also forget the fantastic travertine pools of Pamukkale which inscribed as UNESCOWorld Heritage. The silence of winter permits one to fully enjoy the ethereal whiteness of the travertine terraces, crinkled with turquoise water.

When the sun casts its yellow rays on the pools, it looks like a frozen waterfall, very beautiful sight from nature’s work. Be submerged into the relaxing pools, get your body and mind relaxed, let the peace of Pamukkale overwhelm you.

Indulging in Festive Cuisine

During the winter nights, you can get warm in hot Turkish dishes. Try traditional dishes like small dough pancakes stuffed with savoury minced meat or vegetables—manti and iskender kebap—lamb cooked on the hearth with sauce of tomatoes. Taste Turkish delight, a sweet confection made from rose water and pistachios, and enjoy Turkish tea served in Turkish copper teacups.

An unlikely new year’s escape.

A new year getaway into a winter wonderland escape in Turkey includes an incredible mix of culture, adventure, food, and a life changing experience. The winter magic of Turkey encompasses mountains capped with snow, mysterious ancient sites, bustling cities as well as tranquil country sceneries. It promises an ultimate New Year’s eve party that has no end after snow settles down and disappears.