Çay: The Lifeline of Turkish Social Life

It is not only a drink in Turkey but a lifestyle – çay in Turkish.C Tea is one of the main components of Turkish hospitality, social activities and daily routine. It is more than a drink; it’s a sign of friendship, warmth and a traditional culture.


12/3/20231 min read

A Brief History:

Since it was incorporated into the Turkish culture at the start of the twentieth century, tea became accepted as an integral element of every nation’s food regimen. Tea was introduced into Turkey because of the war that reduced the availability of coffee beans. The Black Sea region saw the initiation the of tea crop cultivation with the conducive climate contributing greatly to an established tea industry. Turkey currently has a huge number of consumers of the product including tea.

What Makes Turkish Çay Unique?

The Turkish tea is usually a strong black tea prepared in an exceptional two-tiered teapot called ‘çaydanlık’. It entails heating water inside the bottom pot while immersing the leaves within the top one, making a bold infusion. Boiling water is then used to dilute the tea to whatever preferred concentration the drinker wishes.

The Social Fabric of Çay:

In various Turkish social settings, one will always find çay. It is an essential element of every home in Turkey and is served to the visitors as a gesture of welcome. listade c. The relationship between the parents and their child should always be respected by society. listade c. The respect for the parents and their child should always be upheld by society Çay serves as a mutual ground in an office, a shop, or a marketplace where everyone shares it with each other. The ubiquitous cay gardens and Cay houses (cay bahcesi and cayhane) provide meeting places for everybody, young or old; to have chats, gamble around or chat about the daily happenings while they sip their cup of tea.

Rituals and Customs:

In Turkey, there are some manners around drinking çay. Traditionally this drink is poured into a small glass shaped like a tulip, so that it can be warmed up very hot and red colour of the beverage can be seen very clearly. It has become normal for the host to always pour you some çay regardless of whether it was in your presence or not.

The Turkish çay goes beyond just being a drink but rather it is a strong pillar of Turkish culture and social encounter. Transcending barriers of age, social or background, it is a shared drink for all, symbol of oneness. When consumed in peace at one’s home or while lounging at a crowded çay garden, it is always a staple for Turkish people.