Health in Turkey: A Prescription for Quality and Affordability

SmartGuys Editorial Team

11/22/20232 min read

Today, Turkey has become a symbol of quality for health care, mixing superiorly affordable treatment. Turkey is endowed with a strong health care system, consisting of first world technological apparatus, high level professionals in the field, as well as affordable prices.

Quality Medical Infrastructure:

Turkey’s advanced medical infrastructure, which forms one of the cornerstones of Turkey’s healthcare success. There are top-quality health care centres with modern equipment in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. These facilities comply with internationally accepted standards and in most of these cases collaborate with renowned medical centers worldwide thus offering quality treatment.

Skilled Healthcare Professionals:

The Turkish health care personnel is amongst the best and well-trained in the world. Kenya has doctors, surgeons as well as specialists, trained at some prestigious universities across the globe. Medical personnel speak and understand English, making it easy for foreigners to communicate during treatment processes and improving their medical experiences.


The most interesting thing about healthcare in Turkey is its cheapness. Compared to most of the Western countries, medical treatments and procedures are far less expensive here in Turkey . However, cost advantage is realized in many other service types like elective surgeries, dental procedures, fertility treatments among others that are performed under health insurance. Patients access quality healthcare at affordable prices due to the favorable currency exchange rates as well as low operational expenses in Turkey.

Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Tourism:

Cosmetic surgery in turkey is currently a world wide destination for patients from Europe, the middle east among others. Such operations as hair transplants, rhinoplasty and liposuction are more popular in the country due to the qualified plastic surgeons and the affordable prices for medical tourists. In particular, Istanbul is known as a leading destination for aesthetic procedures which combine high-quality health services with a cultural flavor.

Wellness Tourism:

The thermal springs and wellness centers contribute in making Turkey a major wellness tourism destination. For example, some thermal resorts like in Pamukkale and Bursa have a therapeutic effect and people relax there trying to be healed naturally. Holistic approach to health and wellness combined with traditional Turkish spas.

Health Tourism Support:

Turkey’s administration is very much in support of health-related tourism, establishing necessary facilities that assist the patient to travel internationally. Medical tourism is made easy as visa processes are simplified, and there are specialized medical tourism agencies that help in arranging traveling, accommodation, hospitals, among others. The all-inclusive support structure also ensures an easy and stress free healthcare experience in Turkey for the recipients.

Indeed, Turkey’s healthcare system is a good example that the notion that both quality and affordability cannot go together does not exist. As for the medical equipment, highly qualified doctors, and low prices combined, Turkey is one of the leaders in health tourism. Turkey’s healthcare system will continue to garner recognition across the globe among individuals seeking affordable medical solutions as well as wellness.