The Enchanting Affection: Why Cats Are Loved in Turkey

Uncover Turkey's love affair with cats! 🇹🇷 From ancient mosaics to modern social media stars, discover why felines hold a special place in Turkish hearts. Explore the cultural symbols, public space guardianship, and community efforts that make cats an integral part of Turkey's unique charm.


SmartGuys Editorial Team

11/24/20232 min read

The affection for cats in Turkey, one of the countries through which European culture blended with Asian culture. The Turkish people have a special affinity for cats, whether stray or domesticated ones, and they are acknowledged in many facets of the Turkish culture. This article considers the factors that make people care for and revere cats among Turkish people.

Historical Reverence
There is also historical link between cats and people residing in Turkey. Cat relaxing on a Roman mosaic that was created during the 6th century BCE in the ancient Turkish town of Ephesus reveals how entrenched humans and felines have been together in Turkish society over time. The Turkish people considered cats as the natural allies towards eradicating the rodents which controlled the society in the past century.

Symbolism in Turkish Culture
Turkish folklore symbolizes prosperity with cats. However, the Turkish Van cat, which has a unique appearance of a long luxurious white coat and color-marked head and tail is adored by many people. According to legend, the breed comes from the Lake Van area and is the reason why the cats escaped the biblical flood. This myth makes Turkish Vans “the swimming cat” that is part of the mystery that surrounds this breed and its cultural value.

Guardians of Public Spaces
One of the specific aspects of the Turkish love for cats is the recognition and care given to the multitude of stray cats that roam freely in cities and towns. In Turkish urban facilities, it is not uncommon to discover small shelters, referred to as "kedi evi" or cat homes, wherein locals provide meals, water, and shelter for stray cats. The community comes collectively to make sure the properly-being of those pussycat population, reflecting a collective feel of duty and compassion.

Cultural Artifacts and Expressions
Cats are prominently featured in Turkish literature, art, and even superstitions. Renowned Turkish writer Aziz Nesin's brief memories frequently revolve around the misadventures of cats, endearing those creatures to readers across the kingdom. Additionally, conventional Turkish arts and crafts frequently show off elaborate cat motifs, highlighting their importance within the cultural material of the usa.

Social Media Sensation
In the age of social media, Turkish cat influencers have garnered international acclaim. Memorable pussycat personalities like Tombili, a cat recognised for striking a laid-lower back pose on the streets of Istanbul, have grow to be beloved symbols no longer best in Turkey however global. These internet sensations make contributions to the global appreciation of Turkish cats and the way of life that surrounds them.

In Turkey, the love for cats extends beyond mere companionship; it is deeply ingrained in the state's records, tradition, and day by day lifestyles. The mutual respect and coexistence among Turks and cats exemplify a unique bond that has stood the check of time. As the mesmerizing attraction of Turkish cats continues to seize hearts around the globe, it serves as a testomony to the iconic electricity of the human-animal connection and the potential of those mesmerizi.