The Rhythms of Turkey: Spotify Wrapped 2023

In 2023, Spotify has been not only present in Turkey, but gave a meaningful account of what has been going on in Turkish music. The Turkish people started liking songs from other countries.


11/30/20232 min read

Turkish Pop Still Reigns

At the start of this year, Turkish music dominated as Aleyna Tilki, Edis and Mabel Matiz delivered hits that ruled the charts. Their songs with catchy melodies, up-tempos, and romance sold in millions in Turkey.

Spotify Wrapped: A Mirror Reflecting Turkey’s Musical Soul.

One of the most awaited yearly features was the personalized ‘Spotify Wrapped 2023’. It featured top artists like Semicenk, Uzi, and the famous Sezen Aksu as well as up-and-coming performers in the Turkish Music industry. The tastes of Turkish listeners were revealed in a variety of songs, from “Aşkın Olayım '' by Simge to “ Motive ROMANTİK ”.

Top Artists

  • Semicenk

  • UZI

  • Sezen Aksu

  • Motive

  • Lvbel C5

  • BLOK3

  • çakal

  • Mabel Matiz

  • Emir Can İğrek

  • Ezhel

Top Songs

  • "Aşkın Olayım" by Simge

  • "Yana Yana" by Semicenk, Reynmen

  • "NKBİ X YAPAMAM - Remix" by Lvbel C5, Güneş


  • "Pişman Değilim" by Semicenk, Doğu Swag

  • "Sevecek Sandım" by Semicenk

  • "Canın Sağ Olsun" by Semicenk, Rast

  • "Antidepresan" by Mert Demir, Mabel Matiz

  • "VUR" by BLOK3

  • "24/7" by ALIZADE, BEGE

Top Albums

  • "ROMANTİK" by Motive

  • "EL CHAVO" by UZI

  • "Hermano" by Heijan, Muti

  • "Fatih" by Mabel Matiz

  • “Ben Bazen" by Simge

  • "Parti İptal" by Emir Can İğrek

  • "Kan" by UZI

  • "Maya" by Mabel Matiz

  • "Atlantis" by Güneş

  • "Yaramızda Kalsın" by Onur Can Özcan

Top Female Artists

  • Sezen Aksu

  • Güneş

  • Melike Şahin

  • Simge

  • Hande Yener

  • Ebru Gündeş


  • Hadise

  • Gülşen

  • Taylor Swift

Top Podcast

  • Ortamlarda Satılacak Bilgi

  • Kendine İyi Davran

  • Merdiven Altı Terapi

  • Meksika Açmazı

  • Hayalhanem Podcast

  • Barış Özcan ile 111 Hz

  • Bu Mu Yani?

  • Fularsız Entellik

  • Nasıl Olunur

  • Psikopatika

The Rise of International Genres

In addition, the fans’ love for local pop was matched by the rising preference for overseas music. Fans of artists like global icons BTS, Drake, and Taylor Swift were fast developing in Turkey. This mixing of foreign with home flavors indicates a new, postmodern era in Turkish tastes for music.

The effect of Spotify on Turkey.

Spotify has played a big part in this musical adventure. Therefore, as Spotify introduces Turkish music into a global market and showcases locals talents, it now forms part of the industry. It has more than 422 million active subscribers on the global scale and is highly prevalent in Turkey. This partnership with local telecom entities points at further penetration of the Turkish market.

Melodious Blurring of Tradition into Modernity

Therefore, 2023 on Spotify demonstrated an active and colorful Turkish music atmosphere. In doing so, Turkish music encompasses traditional pop sounds for the sake of comfort as well as the beat from other countries' hits for inspiration. This musical revolution is being continued now by Spotify and its top platforms and initiatives such as Wrapped, keeping track of the journey of a country's ear.