Turkish Game Developers: A Showcase of Innovation in the Global Gaming Scene

12/15/20232 min read

Turkish is a country that has its culture and traditions. It also does well on some aspects such as developing a Video Game. For the last decade, Turkey has made some impressive titles with great storytelling abilities and a distinctive way of looking at things. This article focuses on highlighting some of the notable games produced from Turkey’s vivid gaming sector.

Mount & Blade Series (TaleWorlds Entertainment)

Mount & Blade is a renowned game series that is one of the most famous and popular in the world produced in Turkey by Taleworlds Entertainment. It is a series that is widely famed by fans across the world due to its open-world medieval settings as well as captivating plays. The game brings epic battles, alliances as well as shaping one’s destiny and players can experience it within a dynamic sandbox environment.

Monochroma (Nowhere Studios)

For its stunning visuals and emotional impact, Istanbul-based indie game developer Nowhere Studios became known for its visually stunning, emotional action game, “Monochroma”. This is the puzzle-platformer which has some stunning, eye catching graphics with mostly black with white and red being dominant primary colours to build an eerie air as players pass through this dystopia. The storyline of the Monochroma was highly acclaimed, as were its unique gameplay elements.

The Company of Heroes Series (Relic Entertainment - Istanbul Studio)
A Canadian game developer company called Relic Entertainment’s studio that is located in istanbul was very vital in developing the company of heroes series. One of the most popular world war II real time strategy games known for highly accurate depiction of events, huge engagements and complex depth. Relic Entertainment’s collaboration with the Istanbul studio is a clear demonstration that there is great potential in Turkish talent worldwide, particularly in developing games.

Ruya (Miracle Tea Studios)

In the independent scene, the Miracle Tea Studios introduced Ruya, a soothing and eye-catching puzzle game. Ruya has impressive artwork style coupled with calm audio effects. Players calm down in the process of solving riddles and comprehending the mysterious virtual dream created by the producers.

Bil ve Fethet (Peak Games)

“Bil Ve fethet”, a trivia game from Peak Games, a Turkish mobile gaming company. Entertainment and education rolled into one game in which a player can answer questions on several categories beating his or her friends. Bil ve Fethet is a widely known Turkish trivia game with over two million downloads from all around the world.

Turkish gaming experience has been shown to be as interesting as possible to global gamers. The epic battles of Mount & Blade, the emotional Monochroma and deep-strategic Company of Heroes showcase Turkish game developers’ ability to enrich the global gaming sphere with originality and out-of-the box solutions. With an ever growing Turkish gaming industry we surely have a lot of interesting and revolutionary productions to expect from this gifted crowd.